About Kaori

“I take inspiration from the magical interplay of color and light in both the natural world (sunset, dappled forest light, moonlit ocean) and in man-made environments (spotlights, reflection off a building, neon signs).  I create fields of color and light in an attempt to capture the radiance we encounter in everyday life, but beyond its standard context, by using an abstract, minimal, and direct language.  Oil paint allows me to investigate subtle transitions across a wide range of hue and saturation through careful blending and layering, a process that is meditative and engaging for me.  I seek to create paintings that evoke a lasting visual, emotional, and spiritual experience.”

Kaori Fukuyama was born and raised in Kumamoto, Japan where she first realized the magic of color and light in her surrounding natural environments. Her recent work explores a visual experience that is rooted in the Southern California light and space art movement, embracing vibrant colors, creating a sense of light, depth, volume, and playing with perception.  Fukuyama’s process involves careful and patient blending of multiple paint layers, and has its origin in the meditative craft-making tradition of her Japanese heritage. 

Kaori currently lives and works in San Diego, while maintaining her studio practice at Glashaus in Barrio Arts District.  Her artwork has been displayed at multiple galleries and juried shows in Southern California including Oceanside Museum of Art, William D. Cannon Gallery, Athenaeum Music and Arts Library, San Diego Art Institute, LA Artcore and Los Angeles Art Association Gallery 825.  Her work is currently represented by Artamo Gallery in Santa Barbara and Kelsey Michaels Fine Art in Laguna Beach, and has become a part of private and corporate collections.  Recently, Kaori’s paintings have joined the Healing Arts Collection at UCSD Jacobs Medical Center in La Jolla, CA.