About Kaori

Profile_fukuyama“I find the light of Southern California to be incredibly seductive and the colors impossibly beautiful.  Even after living here for over 10 years, it still takes my breath away.

I take inspiration from the interplay of that magical color and light…  My aim is to re-imagine seemingly mundane moments into a novel landscape, to capture the essence of the light we experience in everyday life, or to create an atmosphere that pulsates with rich color and light.

Oil paint allows me to explore a sense of space, depth, volume and subtlety through careful blending and layering, a process that is meditative and engaging for me.


As I paint, I often feel completely immersed in the fields of color and light, where I find solace and excitement for limitless possibilities.”


Kaori Fukuyama was born and raised in Kumamoto, Japan.  As a child, Kaori enjoyed exploring the nearby bamboo forests, running through the rice fields, and collecting brightly colored maple leaves from the hillsides.  Her mother, grandmothers and aunts often taught her traditional crafts, while her father introduced her to the world of fine art during trips to museums. 

Kaori lives in San Diego, teaches and studies art with local artists, and creates from her studio in BEKIN workshops.  Her artwork has been displayed at multiple galleries and exhibitions throughout California, and has become a part of private collections in America and overseas.